How to: Break a lease on a rental property

Breaking a lease can have costly consequences and no tenant wants to lose security deposit and prepaid  money.

Be prepared

First of all, giving notice: (normally at least 30 days in advance before moving out) of your intent to leave the house.

You can give by writting document or directly discussion, telephone sms the reasons why and when you plan to leave. The best way is by writting document because it'll be evidence later. 

There are penalty condition involved with breaking the lease in termination of contract:

If the Tenant wishs to terminates the Lease Agreement of his own will prior to the expiration of the Term without Landlord‘s fault or force majeure: The Tenant just give at least 01 month (30 days) prior notice in writing to Landlord and pay a compensation equivalent to deposit (normally one month rental fee) 

Then the landlord shall be responsible for returning the any outstanding amount (if any) of the prepaid rent received from Tenant. The Prepaid money shall be return so how to get the deposit money back if lease finish before the time of expiry

In this case, Tenant should has some condition in contract then later will be a wonderfull wish

For example: 
- Relocation to other cities or countries because of work
- Find some one take over the house and continue to the end of contract time
- For health issue 
- The noise from surrounding, may be construction next to that can not stand for long time ...


By using these reason Tenant still can stop the contract and keep a good relationship with owner! also should be use profestional agency to do this job!

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