Pacific Place Hanoi - Top serviced residence

Occupying a landmark location in the centre of Vietnam’s capital, Pacific Place brings a modern sense of style and sophistication to Hanoi.

Combining prestigious offices, luxury apartments, and cosmopolitan shops with fine dining, Pacific Place ushers in a new era in development and sets the standard by which other building will be compared.

 Pacific Place offers 20,000sqm Grade – A offices which provide global corporations with unparalleled accessibility, business facilities and management services and 2,500sqm of luxury shops and restaurants and cafes around tropical gardens.

As a part of the perfection, Pacific Place brings to this complex 179 luxury apartments, 35 units in which are fully furnished and serviced ones. Thinking ahead to the future, 5 basements reserve an ideal parking area in the very centre of Hanoi.

With the added comfort of professional management, 100% power back up and 24 hours security; modern technologies together with exclusive access to your very own rooftop pool, you can rest secure in the knowledge that Pacific Place truly is the premium place for you and your lifestyle..



We offer you the ultimate in city living. Its unique location in the center of Hanoi will put you at the heart of the action; allowing you unrivalled access to all that the city has to offer.  

We provide an impressive range of luxurious, modern apartments; all well-appointed with lights and airy living spaces and affording fantastic views across the city; all fitted with the highest quality interior features to meet and exceed your expectations.

- Professional management, adequate car parking, 100% power back up, 24 hour security and receptionist.  
- Telecom in each Apartment to connect to Receptionist 24 hours- 3 high-speed elevators (service lift available).  
- Leisure facilities (swimming pool and fitness center) for residents  

* Apartment Types:
 - Studio: 47m2 (1 bedroom, 1 toilet with bathtub, kitchen, with balcony)
 - 1-bedroom Apartment: 60-80m2 (1 bedroom, 1 toilet with bathtub or shower, living room and open kitchen, with or without balcony)
 - 2-bedroom Apartment: 100-145m2 (2 bedrooms, 2 toilets with bathtub or shower, living room and open or close kitchen, with or without balcony)
 - 3-bedroom Apartment: 165-230m2 (3 bedrooms, 2 toilets with bathtub and shower, living room and open or close kitchen, with or without balcony)  

* Leasing:
 - Long-term Lease:  
+ Long-term Apartment can be used as the asset for mortgaging, transferring or subleasing...
+ Fixtures are equipped: Air-conditioners, lighting, kitchen equipments, refrigerator, microwave, water heaters...

- Serviced apartments for Short-term Lease:  
+ Fully furnished, accessories, Housekeeping services, Cable TV & WiFi  
+ Flexible terms of lease