Royal City Hanoi

ROYAL CITY is a perfect urban complex, where you can experience a perfectly comfortable and luxury living in a green and clean space clad in a luxurious and romantic European style. As a “miniature European City”, ROYAL CITY is a perfect urban complex, where you will enjoy outstanding luxurious living. Make a wish of a home clad in the grandeur of the Royal European architecture style, framed in a tranquil and fresh atmosphere with a wide green expanse and it can be yours. With the availability of the pinnacle of on-site facilities, such as the largest shopping mall in Vietnam, the first skating rink in Vietnam, international schools, indoor water park, recreation complex and more, Royal City will make your dream of a “Green and Intelligent” home come true.

APARTMENTS: The luxurious apartments in ROYAL CITY are designed in a Royal European style, installed with high-tech, modern and safe equipment and furniture. The living environment here is the excellent combination of a wide green coverage and high-end facilities, meeting the varied needs of its inhabitants. In addition, the energy solutions applied to ROYAL CITY‘s buildings are environment-friendly, energy-saving and pollution-reducing.

SHOPPING MALL: This will be the busiest and largest Shopping Mall in Vietnam with a total area of more than 200,000m2, consisting of 3 underground floors and 2 aboveground floors. This is a place where international great brand names will converge, meeting all shopping requirements of Hanoi’s inhabitants and tourists.
In addition, there exists a supermarket with a total area of 6,000m2, offering a wide variety of goods and fresh food, to be an ideal place for housewives to do the shopping.

FACILITIES: ROYAL CITY provides you with the best conditions for a comfortable and perfect living. Its ultimate facilities, which are considered the largest and the first in Vietnam, such as: skating rink, indoor water park, Gym & Spa, Cineplex, underground parking area etc. promise to bring you a fresh living atmosphere, which will help balance your life, improve your health and bring back your passion.

LOCATION: Situated in the Southwest end of Hanoi, bordered by Nguyen Trai Road, To Lich river and the residential area of Thuong Dinh Ward, Royal City is the meeting point of many traffic arteries. The Project covers a total land area of 120.945m2, and is designed to eco-architectural standards with a green coverage of 70,000m2.